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We love Easter! There is the religious aspect of course but it is also a celebration of the arrival of Spring. 

It is agreat opportunity to organise crafty activities with the kids both inside (making chocolate) and outdoor (creating a wicker basket)

Look after Mother Nature this year with our eco-friendly Easter ideas:

  • our Yummy Nest is on sale: of course there is lots of chocolate included (choose between Green & Black and Rawr) but lots of other yummy products: coconut oil, lipbalm, soap and lavender.

yummy nest

  • take an old wicker basket (from charity shop) or plastic bucket and decorate it with treasures from your house and garden: stickers, wool, grass, pine cones, leaves,... 
  • fill your Easter basket with Fairtrade and Organic chocolates.
  • make your own natural food dyes to colour your eggs: your children will love the experiment and you will reduce packaging and chemicals found in egg colouring kits.

green easter 3

green easter 4

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