Babysitting- A Plum job?

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With my wife back at work full time and me recently retired and helping run Really Eco Baby, it fell to me to look after our 3 ‘babies’, aged 6, 4 and 3. What did we do- well, picked plums of course. Yesterday we took a rainy walk to the allotment to try and break them out of their craziness from staying indoors all day and discovered the plum tree over laden with fruit. Miriam (in the middle) discovered she liked plums freshly picked from the tree, which was great as she is a fussy fruit eater.

So they were all excited to go back and pick those lovely plums and what a great experience it was. Talking, picking, ladder climbing, avoiding nettles and searching for ‘magic’ dock leaves when we did get stung- fantastic.  We came home for lunch and jam making and the result was delicious. Two of them tried the new jam, one liked it, so not a bad result- it is in fact the best plum jam I have ever made!Plums 2

 After making 18 jars, we still have 3 times as many plums to use up. My lovely wife made a delightful plum and ginger cake for her art gallery/ café, Dot to Dot. She used a grand total of …..12 plums!! So drying and more jam is the way forward.

 We talk about reducing our footprint, being more eco and buying ethical goods but picking nature’s abundant harvest does it for me!

 Why not look at our lovely organic flannels for washing plumy faces or our monster T-shirts for wearing when picking or enjoying those slurpy plums.

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