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The last couple of weeks have been very busy for The Really Eco Baby Shop.

First we started to get a jiggling in our taste buds when we received our Rawr Raw Christmas chocolate bars: festively spiced organic orange with cinnamon and nutmeg raw chocolate. It is full of anti-oxydant, exactly what you need during the winter months. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians and everyone else as even though there is no added sugar, it is still delicious and not bitter at all (believe me, I have a sweet tooth).

Then, we are offering 3 new playsuits: our Ella & Otto animal print one is original and beautiful while our Little Green Radicals' numbers are more colourful. Stripy or plain, make your choice.

Of course, they are all organic and The Little Green Radicals' ones are even fairtrade. They make perfect eco baby presents for all babies as they are all unisex. Even better, because they don't have feet, they can be worn for longer! 

But to make a truly original and useful baby shower present, birthday or Christmas, do not forget to add our unique nappy voucher: The NapNap Voucher. It can be used in lots of different online shops and allow parents to choose the cloth nappy of their choice. Be it lots of highly reliable plain nappies or a custom made one, they will always find one that suit them among our retailers.

For lots of information on how, why, where to use a NapNap Voucher, visit our sister store

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