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It is so easy to buy cheap plastic toys. We do it too for our own children so no smug claims on ethical perfection here. However, we do try and avoid them as much as possible and we certainly take great care when choosing the toys we stock here on Really Eco Baby. 

On Sunday in the Observer was a telling reminder of how we need to be much more discriminating about what we buy. Read the full article here. Here at Really Eco Baby we stock toys from Russimco and Kenana. Russimco will always check their suppliers carefully to make sure workers are treated and paid fairly. Their values can be found here. And Kenana was set up in Kenya to support women and communities there. Read all about Kenana here.

So treat someone this Christmas with a clear conscience. And not only are the companies' ethical credentials sound: Russimco toys do not need batteries and are environmentally packaged; and Kenana wool is naturally dyed and you will be contributing to a wonderful cooperative project. 

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