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If you have been keeping an eye on Really Eco Baby you will have noticed that the latest additions to our eco friendly range of gifts for babies and families are supplied by Green Fibres. We are very careful with what we choose to stock and we are completely convinced by Green Fibres' credentials. We now stock their baby towels and facecloths which are luxuriously soft, thick and completely natural.

Green Fibres is, unsurprisingly perhaps, based in Totnes in Devon. We say unsurprisingly because we (the two of us, NapNap's founding partners) met through our local transition town group - the community led eco-movement that started in Totnes. The Transition Towns movement is all about reducing our dependency on oil, reducing our reliance on artificial means of crop/food production, increasing local industry and boosting community. 

Of course, cotton can't be grown in the UK (at least I don't think it can?) but Green Fibres sources all its materials from organic and fairtrade producers. They are passionate about what they do and are a vocal voice in the industry, pushing for better conditions for workers and more awareness about the intensive methods employed in the production of some cottons.

So we are proud to stock Green Fibres' products. They are beautifully produced and there is no compromise in quality - exactly what you want for that lucky new baby. 


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