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Some of you might be looking for a gift to celebrate a birth or for a pregnant friend or relative. You are looking for an eco gift, maybe some organic and fair trade children clothes, organic skincare, eco-friendly toys or a new mum hamper.

As you can see, you found the right place. All our products have been very carefully selected so they have the minimum impact on our planet and will last for many years (better for your purse and landfills).

But you have also found our NapNap Voucher and if you are not currently using cloth nappies, you might be wondering if giving a nappy as a present is such a good idea. The NapNap Voucher has been specifically designed to help parents discover washable nappies so yes, it is a fantastic useful gift, worth many time its value and will be very well received. Here is why:

  • Cloth nappies have changed a lot in the last few years: they are fashionable and easy to use. Check them out here.
  • Giving a NapNap Gift Voucher allows parents to choose the cloth nappy of their choice. They can choose them online from more than 20 retailers.
  • Even if they choose a couple of cloth nappies with your voucher, then do not buy anymore (which we doubt they would), they will still use those nappies and save money on disposables.
  • If they do not use the NapNap Gift Voucher (again more doubts...), then guess what? we are so sure of our product that we would give you back your credit (minus £1.50) to use at Really Eco Baby. And don't worry, we do not only stock green baby gifts. Get yourself something really useful like recycled sponges or recycled glasses or treat yourself to Weleda skin food, Akamuti organic coconut oil or organic teas

So when you choose an eco gift for a new arrival, baby shower, baby christening or simply to put a smile on your pregnant friend's face, we dare you to be original and add a NapNap Voucher. Then let us know how it was received.


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