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Most of us really would like to be more green, more eco-friendly but we are not always ready to give up our little everyday luxuries.

It is with this idea in mind that we started Really Eco Baby over a year ago. That and making our very original NapNap Voucher at everyone's grasp.

So, how to be eco-friendly and have a green baby according to Really Eco Baby:

In the bathroom

  • use less: using a multi-purpose product means less chemicals, less packaging and very importantly saves you time. That's why we have an organic lavender shampoo & bodywash for those little green baby heads and bodies. And grown-ups can use it too!
  • Use natural products: our Grass Routes soap is handmade with natural and organic ingredients. We have even met the lady who makes them and she is definitely the passionate and uncompromising kind. They make a perfect mum to be gift.
  • go for the real stuff: we all know the moisturising virtues of coconut oil but most of the time the products we buy contain only a small proportions of it. Our Akamuti coconut oil is different: it is 100% natural and cold-pressed coconut oil. It is also organic and fairtrade. No compromise! A great new baby gift as it is so gentle.
  • recycle: how many toothbrushes do you  buy every year? And what do you do when you change it? Put the old one in the bin? Our child toothbrushes in our eco kids range are made out of bamboo and 100% recyclable.

In the kitchen

  • recycle, recycle and recycle: cleaning your house should not cost you the earth. We think about recycling our glass bottles but we still use cheap bits of plastic to clean our spills. Our home range stocks sponges made out of recycled foam, recycled dish brushes and recycled cloth. Lots of green cleaning products at small prices.
  • forget chemical-loaded washing powders, try instead soapnut shells: they are completely natural and are great for people with eczema or sensitive skins. They are biodegradable and probably the cheapest washing detergent on the market!

For your eco kids:

  • choose organic baby clothes: we have a wide range of fairtrade and organic kids clothing from brands such as Little Green radicals, Gossypium, Bamboo Baby, Ella & Otto, Ava & Luc. Yes, they are more expensive than your supermarket brand but they are fairtrade and much better quality (and better for baby's skin): that means lots of hand-me down if you have several children. Also, most of our baby playsuits do not have feet, making them last longer. And they are so pretty they make the perfect baby shower gift!
  • forget batteries: hands up if you hate batteries! Choose toys that wind up like our funny animal torches: so much fun and great for little ones' trip to the bathroom at night.
  • choose products that will last: our silicone bibs are funny and super-tough. They are also nasties' free so safe for your toddler's skin.

For your friends

  • when you want to make your friends happy, you want to give them something that will be pretty, useful and if it can save them some money, so much the better. The NapNap Voucher is exactly that: your friend will be able to choose the cloth nappy of their choice for their little one. Trust us: modern cloth nappies are easy to use, cheaper and fashionable: nobody will ever compliment parents on what a pretty disposable (that's plastic) nappy they baby has. 

You can find lots of information on washable nappies on our NapNap website: where they can be usedwhy they are better and what they look like. So add a NapNap Voucher (from £5 to £50) to any of your purchase for your friend to try. And if they do not use it, you will get the credit back to use at Really Eco Baby.





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