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Just like me you might have read an article last weekend reminding us of the problem with palm oil fields in Malaysia and Borneo. Elephants found dead in the jungle (there was the picture of a 3 month old baby elephant stroking his dead mother!), probably poisoned by farmers (elephants do cause a lot of damage).

It was a powerful reminder of the consequences of our large appetite for palm oil: deforestation, death of humans and animals, human rights abuse,... in a beautiful part of the world.

Palm oil is apparently found in about half the products we buy in our supermarkets so it is difficult to avoid. At least until we find some people like Stephanie Newman of Grass Routes who decided to make natural soap using herbs from her garden and without palm oil. We have been stocking Grass Routes soaps and Grass Routes lip balm since we started Really Eco Baby and we know that Stephanie is a bit of an expert on the effect of the use of palm oil. 

We need more companies like Grass Routes taking a stand and refusing to be part of the problem but as consummers we also need to jump at the opportunity when faced with a great ethical product and shun the cheap supermarket option. And believe us, your skin will feel the difference!


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