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We all know that parenting is a bit of a maze. Breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding, cloth nappies vs. sposies (aka paper nappies in this house!), 4 month weaning vs. 6 month weaning...... So OF COURSE we are not advocating the right type of sleepsuit. That would be ridiculous. However, you may have noticed that in our lovely range of organic cotton sleepsuits we do have quite a few that are footless. And here's why.

OrganiccottonSherbetPolkadotPlaysuit  delicious apple jumping frog 

1. They last longer! As your baby gets longer, those little tootsies just poke out a little bit further. 

2. There is no chance of the foot section getting too snug and bunching up feet.

3. In warmer weather, they are a cooler option; in cooler weather just bundle them up in blankets.

So it's not rocket science and it's not that big a deal. We are actually far more interested in organic cotton over other cotton. Find out why here.

But the footless numbers can be handy. Especially for spring newborns as they will last into the summer and are great for warmer weather. See the full range of our organic cotton clothing here. 

The three sleepsuits pictured are all from Little Green Radicals. Gorgeous organic cotton numbers that last and last.

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