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We can't take credit for the following tips: they have all been thought by Charlotte from Garden Resources, a new blog from Tiger Sheds.

This is only an extract so if you are trying to make a difference to your Christmas, please read the full article here.


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        Top 10 Tips for a ‘green’ Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, the air is thick with excitement, the smell of cinnamon emanates from the coffee cup and the excitement of the kids reaches a fever pitch level. The one thing that sometimes gets lost along in this excitement, though, is the environment. Did you know that 230,000 tonnes of food is thrown away on average over the Christmas period, and it is estimated that 1 billion Christmas cards could end up in bins during the festive season? With this in mind, here are 10 top tips on how to be a bit more eco friendly this Christmas:

          1) Buy a real tree – People are generally mistaken in thinking that artificial trees are better for the environment when, in actual fact, most artificial trees are made of metal and plastics which are non-biodegradable and transporting them from the Far East (where they are typically manufactured) adds to their carbon footprint.

          2) Choose a live tree – Live trees are largely considered to be ideal for the eco enthusiasts among us as these trees usually still have their roots intact and can be replanted in the garden after use over Christmas.

          3) Make sure your tree is sustainable – If a Christmas tree is sustainable, this means that a new tree is planted for every one which is cut down.

          4) Use natural decor – Although there is no harm in using existing decorations, you might want to think twice before buying new ones. Decorations are generally made from unrecyclable plastics, metals and materials and are made in high volumes year after year. Using natural decor such as holly, pine cones and fruit is much better for the environment and looks traditionally festive, too.

          5) Switch to LED lights – LED lights are 90% more efficient than traditional holiday lights so it is advised that you make the switch this Christmas. They also last longer and release less carbon dioxide into the air.

          6) Use candles – Candles are a great Christmas alternative to lights as they look fantastic and really festive. Try and remember to choose ones made from natural ingredients, though, such as beeswax and soy as paraffin candles contain toxins which are bad for the environment.

           7) Go organic – Try and eat organic this Christmas if you can, the meat is more ethically sourced and reared and it tastes nicer too.

           8) Recycle – Instead of throwing them in the bin, recycle all cards and wrapping paper either by using the embellishments for crafty DIY projects or by taking them to your local recycling bank. Unfortunately due to all the glitter, wire and embellishments cards and wrapping paper can’t usually be recycled through your usual kerbside collection.

           9) Recycle your tree – Once the festivities stop, the eco awareness shouldn’t. Make sure to properly recycle your tree as it can be chipped for use in parks and playgrounds. Find your local tree recycling centre here:

           10) Re-gifting – Instead of throwing any unwanted presents away, why not re-gift to people who would appreciate them? If you can’t think of anyone else who would want it then try and get it to a charity shop.

For more information about the above information please see this article on the Garden Resources blog.

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